Publication Date: 16/03/2023 ISBN: 9781399718127 Category:

Escape from Kabul

Levison Wood, Geraint Jones

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: 16/03/2023 ISBN: 9781399718127 Category:




‘An important account of one of the defining moments of the modern world’ PETER FRANKOPAN

The evacuation of Kabul in August 2021 will go down in military history as one of the most unexpected events in modern times. In an eerie replay of the disastrous British retreat from Kabul in 1842, coalition troops withdrew from Afghanistan after twenty years of military campaigning. The subsequent collapse of the Afghan government and its army shocked the world, as a resurgent Taliban gathered its forces and swept across the country. Thousands of Afghans who had worked with the allies were left to the meagre mercy of the Taliban.

As the Taliban went door to door to execute ‘collaborators’, a small international task force set out on a daring mission to evacuate as many Afghans and their families as possible.

Drawing on a wide range of first-hand accounts – the politicians and officers who planned the trans-continental rescue, the young soldiers who were faced with the unenviable task of keeping a crowd of thousands of desperate people at bay, former interpreters and soldiers of the Afghan Special Forces who made it out – Escape from Kabul is the harrowing true story of Operation Pitting and the Kabul airlift.

Publisher Review

An important account of one of the defining moments of the modern world -- Peter Frankopan An essential contribution to the historical record, told with lucid flair -- Sophy Roberts A compelling account of one of the most seismic events in recent years. Through an accumulation of eye witness reports, Levison Wood reveals the true horror and scale of the Afghan suffering and the heroic efforts of the British and American troops and veterans during the August 2021 evacuation from Kabul. Vividly told, Escape from Kabul captures the human cost of America's deal with the Taliban -- Larisa Brown Escape from Kabul is savage, adrenalin-fuelled, brutally honest, compelling, and essential reading. Wood and Jones are a dream team writing about a nightmare. Their writing style is perfect: highly-charged and vivid one moment, cold and analytical the next. The authors are soldiers turned writers and have clearly won the trust of their contributors. These are the stories that soldiers tell each other when the press and politicians have packed up and moved on. These are the real stories of the men and women who snatched honour from the jaws of humiliating betrayal and defeat -- Ben Timberlake Escape From Kabul explains through personal knowledge and eye-witness testimony the bravery, endurance and professionalism of men and women tasked with achieving the near-impossible -- Stuart Ramsay, Chief Correspondent, Sky News

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