Publication Date: 28/10/2021 ISBN: 9781529113921 Category:

Dream of Ding Village

Yan Lianke

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 28/10/2021 ISBN: 9781529113921 Category:
Paperback / Softback




‘One of the masters of modern Chinese literature’ Jung Chang

A searing novel that traces the destruction of a community in communist China.

Told through the eyes of Xiao Qiang, a young boy, this deeply moving novel shares the tragic story of the blood-contamination scandal in China’s Henan province.

Looking for a way to lift Ding Village from poverty, its directors and organisers open blood-plasma collection stations, hoping to sell the plasma to those in need. At first the scheme is a commercial success. Soon, however, whole communities are wiped out after contracting HIV. As Xiao narrates the fate of Ding Village, his family is torn apart by suspicion and retribution.

‘The defining work of his career… A devastating critique of China’s runaway development’ Guardian

Publisher Review

The defining work of his career; not just an elegantly crafted piece of literature but a devastating critique of China's runaway development * Guardian * His lyricism of despair, full of frenzied life, even when there is foam on lips, gives this novel of Yan Lianke its atrocious grace * Le Monde * A sorrowful but captivating novel about the price of progress in modern China. The book, which was censored in that country, builds to an act of violence that resonates with the impact of Greek tragedy or Shakespearean drama * Kirkus Reviews * One of China's greatest living authors and fiercest satirists * Guardian * Yan Lianke denounces an alarming situation...his novel is a true revelation * Rolling Stone *

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