Publication Date: 29/09/2022 ISBN: 9781529414813 Category:

Dead End Street

Trevor Wood

Publisher: Quercus Publishing
Publication Date: 29/09/2022 ISBN: 9781529414813 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Fresh, original, authentic and gritty’ Lee Child

The third and final gritty Newcastle-set crime thriller in this acclaimed trilogy about a PTSD-suffering veteran turned sleuth in the face of local villainy.

A group of vigilantes are carrying out a campaign of harassment against the homeless, hounding them both verbally and physically to get them off the streets. Jimmy Mullen is approached by his friend Gadge, who wants to confront the people behind it but Jimmy has finally got his life back on track. He’s working at a hostel for 18 to 25-year-olds and he’s reluctant to get involved in anything dodgy.

Gadge decides to go it alone but is attacked by two of the vigilantes. The police find him unconscious in an alley, covered in blood. Problem is, there’s a dead body in the alley too and it’s his blood that Gadge is covered in. He’s also got the murder weapon in his hand.

Convinced that Gadge has been set up, and feeling guilty that he didn’t back him up in the first place, Jimmy returns to the streets to try and find out who’s behind his friend’s difficulties. Unfortunately, he’s about to discover that Gadge has a lot of enemies to choose from.

Praise for Dead End Street

‘A brilliant character’ Harriet Tyce

‘An unforgettable ride, filled with twists that will make your head spin’ Sun

‘Fast-paced and intense’ Patricia Gibney

‘Authentic . . . raw and riveting’ Sunday Independent

‘A fantastic story’ Nikki Smith

‘Unflinching yet compassionate’ Philippa East

‘A breakneck and exhilarating conclusion’ Kate Simants

‘Satisfying and involving’ Quietus

‘Wood writes with knowledge and compassion’ Literary Review

Publisher Review

More than just a crime series. Dead End Street is the perfect conclusion to the trilogy, both melancholic and hopeful, completing a character work that is at the vanguard of British crime * Dominic Nolan * Fast paced, very moving and a worthy conclusion to the trilogy. Jimmy is a brilliant character as are the other musketeers and I'm going to miss them a lot, though excited to see what Trevor writes next * Harriet Tyce * I've laughed, squirmed, wanted to punch someone and fallen even more madly in love with a dog called Dog. Cracking read! * Emma Christie * Jimmy is a man with a PhD in loyalty and an allergic reaction to injustice. Among nasty villains, hapless sidekicks, incompetent authorities, Jimmy is a ray of good-natured, wise-cracking sunshine and just what the doctor ordered * Fiona Erskine * Just finished the third book in the Jimmy Mullen series. Compelling and atmospheric, unflinching yet compassionate, this is some of the most authentic crime writing on the street * Philippa East * A no-holds-barred tour of the darkest, most brutal aspects of life on Newcastle's streets. Wood's trademark pace and compassion combine to bring the trilogy to a breakneck and exhilarating conclusion. Hilarious, heart-breaking, and hopeful. I could hardly bear to turn the final page and say goodbye * Kate Simants * A fitting end to this excellent trilogy. The characters bring the story to life in a unique way and though dark and gritty the story is realistic, and heart-breaking in places. Fast paced and intense. page turning and highly recommended * Patricia Gibney * A fantastic story with flawed but brilliant characters. I read deliberately slowly towards the end just to delay finishing it * Nikki Smith * Newcastle grit, heart, humour and compassion are woven through the pages alongside a gripping plot. In this worthy last instalment of the series, Wood continues his tale of three homeless friends, Jimmy, Deano and Gadge, ably assisted by Dog. I shall miss these wonderful characters greatly. A truly special and unusual crime series * Louise Fein * Yet another superb instalment in one of the most original and authentic series out there. Jimmy Mullen is such a unique protagonist, and tour guide around the parts of a city most of us never stumble on, and I for one have loved every single page in his company. Could not recommend highly enough. -- Rob Scragg The book masterfully interweaves its complicated crime story around acutely observed slices of life . . . as satisfying and involving as the investigation is, it's this world Wood builds and populates that stays with you * Quietus * Infused with dark humour, this gritty tale offers hard-hitting insights into the realities of being homeless. The characterisation is truly authentic . . . Raw and riveting * Sunday Independent * Wood writes with knowledge and compassion and, in spite of the nightmarish world he re-creates, he suffuses the novel with warmth and affection * Literary Review * The explosive final act of this wonderful, award-winning trilogy . . . it's set to be an unforgettable ride, filled with twists that will make your head spin * Sun *

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