Publication Date: 10/06/2021 ISBN: 9781800780019 Category:

Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths

Maisie Chan

Publisher: Templar Publishing
Publication Date: 10/06/2021 ISBN: 9781800780019 Category:
Paperback / Softback





Eleven-year-old Danny Chung loves drawing more than anything – certainly more than maths, which, according to his dad and everyone else, is what he is ‘supposed’ to be good at. He also loves having his own room where he can draw in peace, so his life is turned upside down when a surprise that he’s been promised turns out to be his little, wrinkly, ex-maths-champion grandmother from China. What’s worse, Nai Nai has to share his room, AND she takes the top bunk!

Nai Nai can’t speak a word of English, which doesn’t make things easy for Danny when he is charged with looking after her during his school holidays. Babysitting Nai Nai is NOT what he wants to be doing!

Before long though it becomes clear to Danny that there is more to Nai Nai than meets the eye, and that they have more in common that he thought possible …

‘DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is both heart-warming and hilarious, filled with characters you’ll instantly love’ – Jamie Smart, author and illustrator of BUNNY VS MONKEY

Publisher Review

DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is both heartwarming and hilarious, filled with characters you'll instantly love. Sweet, exciting and endlessly funny, this is a must-read! * Jamie Smart, author and illustrator of BUNNY VS MONKEY and FLEMBER * DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is joyful and funny and really charmed me. It's a story about discovering what makes you tick, and it's a celebration of creativity in all its forms, whether that is maths, art, comics or whatever else inspires. * Dr Hannah Fry, mathematician, author and broadcaster * DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is a hilarious, warm story about a boy and his grandmother and the incredible team they make together. Maisie Chan has a gift for creating unforgettable characters, both old and young. Nai Nai and her lychees, and Danny and his Druckon, are characters you'll remember forever! -- Leila Rasheed, author of Empire's End (Scholastic) and director of the Megaphone Writer Development Scheme. Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths is SO GOOD. Danny and Nai Nai's blossoming relationship is one of the best I've read in forever. So much culture and heart in one book. And it's also very funny. * A New Chapter * Really enjoyed Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths. Absolutely ADORED Nai Nai and Danny's connection with her ... there's that moment where the book just melts your heart * Rashmi Sirdeshpande, author of HOW TO BE EXTRAORDINARY * DANNY CHUNG DOES NOT DO MATHS is wonderful! Full of heart and humour, and it brilliantly highlights the importance of being true to yourself * Katie Tsang, author of DRAGON MOUNTAIN * Danny Chung loves art. Unfortunately, everyone else thinks he should love maths. His parents want him to live up to their dreams, and his classmates think everyone who is Chinese is naturally good at maths. Then his grandmother arrives from China, and she and Danny have to share a bedroom. It feels like a catastrophe, but could funny, intelligent Nai Nai turn out to be his best friend? This warm, witty book is full of unforgettable characters and a hilarious plot. Danny is a realistic boy who doesn't conform to stereotypes. Some people may still think that boys can only engage with books that are heavy on action and light on emotion, but boys have feelings too and will love books like this if they come across them. They certainly need these books to show them boys who are sensitive, vulnerable and affectionate, like they are. The story deals with British East/Southeast Asian prejudice in a way that readers in primary school can easily understand, and explores links between maths and art in an inspiring way. This is a rewarding read for boys and girls of any background, especially those who are tired of being stereotyped. * Blue Peter Book Awards * LGBTQ+ representations in children's literature continue to grow with slow, but steady, toddler steps. 2021 saw several delightful 'incidental' LGBTQ+ characters: Mini Mart owner, Mr Potempa, in Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths. * Books for Keeps, Best Books of 2021, Fen Coles, Letter Box Library * This book is the middle grade book I've loved most in a very long time. A marvellously warm and funny story about the everyday life of Danny Chung, who loves drawing but does not do maths. This is an expertly crafted story of everyday life, giving a window into the highs and lows of life for the Chung family, who are preparing for the arrival of Danny's grandmother, his Nai Nai, from China; unbeknownst to him! The carefully developed characters and relationships between them are what make this book so memorable. These include the inter-generational relationship that develops between Danny and his Gran, which is so beautifully rendered; the warm and welcoming nature of Mr Pontempa at the shop where Danny takes Nai Nai for fruit, finding ways to understand and communicate beyond words; and the relationship between Danny and his best friend Ravi, which is so carefully developed, exploring the difficulties of building and fostering relationships in the upper primary years, wanting to fit in and allowing oneself to be emotionally vulnerable. The story events include a careful exploration of the impact of casual stereotyping and everyday racism experienced by the characters, which could provide a window for more indepth discussion around the attitudes and behaviours of the characters, and the relevance of story events in today's society. A rich and rewarding read for upper primary. * CLPE *

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