Publication Date: 09/03/2017 ISBN: 9781786694119 Category:

Company K

William March

Publisher: Head of Zeus
Publication Date: 09/03/2017 ISBN: 9781786694119 Category:
Paperback / Softback



Mr B's review

Meet the soldiers, the individual men, of Company K as they open up about their wartime trials one voice at a time. We follow them through training to the trenches and finally to the end of action and a return home. March, an ex-marine himself, honors all of the experience that makes up a unit, never shying away from the human frailty barely holding it all together.


Walt stood up, slapped his thighs, and began to crow like a cock. ‘Bring on the whole German army!’ he shouted. ‘Bring them on all together, or one at a time. I can whip them all!’

The greatest First World War novel to come out of America, Company K is the unforgettable account of one US Marine company, from initial training, through to the trenches in France and post-war rehabilitation.

Written in 1933 by a decorated Marine hero, this is an unflinching, visceral depiction of the brutal reality of war.

Publisher Review

‘Blunt, impartial and candid, Company K is about a group of men, yet it is also about all men, who fight in all wars. It is essential reading’ Irish Times. ‘An extraordinary, powerful image and an extraordinary, powerful piece of writing … it captures a truth about war that evades whole histories. Now that no one is left who can remember, we need books such as Company K all the more to force those of us left behind not to forget’ Daily Telegraph. ‘March’s book has the force of a mob-protest; an outcry from anonymous throats. It is the only war-book I have read which has found a new form to fit the novelty of the protest. The prose is bare, lucid, without literary echoes, not an imitation but a development’ Graham Greene.

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