Publication Date: 21/05/2015 ISBN: 9780099581390 Category:

Cold Blood

Richard Kerridge

Publisher: Vintage Publishing
Publication Date: 21/05/2015 ISBN: 9780099581390 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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As a boy, Richard Kerridge loved to encounter wild creatures and catch them for his back-garden zoo. In a country without many large animals, newts caught his attention first of all, as the nearest he could get to the African wildlife he watched on television. There were Smooth Newts, mottled like the fighter planes in the comics he read, and the longed-for Great Crested Newt, with its huge golden eye.

The gardens of Richard and his reptile-crazed friends filled up with old bath tubs containing lizards, toads, Marsh Frogs, newts, Grass Snakes and, once, an Adder. Besides capturing them, he wanted to understand them. What might it be like to be cold blooded, to sleep through the winter, to shed your skin and taste wafting chemicals on your tongue? Richard has continued to ask these questions during a lifetime of fascinated study.

Part natural-history guide to these animals, part passionate nature writing, and part personal story, Cold Blood is an original and perceptive memoir about our relationship with nature. Through close observation, it shows how even the suburbs can seem wild when we get close to these thrilling, weird and uncanny animals.

Publisher Review

[A] perceptive memoir... Cold Blood is proof that an early infatuation with the natural world can lead to a lifetime of wonder -- Pete Dommett * BBC Wildlife * As a memoir, Cold Blood has the feel of a minor classic. It is exquisite. As a piece of nature writing, it is also rich, subtle and shot through with quiet passion -- James McConnachie * Sunday Times * Perceptive and original... Kerridge writes vividly of the natural world -- Gerard Henderson * Daily Express * [A] perceptive memoir...Cold Blood is proof that an early infatuation with the natural world can lead to a lifetime of wonder -- Barbara Kiser * nature * A mix of memoir, science writing and humn to nature, this will propel Kerridge into the pantheon of great 21st-century nature writers. He tells the story of his fascination with reptiles and explains what it is to be cold blooded. -- Patrick Neale * The Bookseller * Simply wonderful...the natural history book I have been waiting for * Brett Westwood * Subtle and meditative, lyrical and passionate * Gavin Francis * Cold Blood casts an unexpected but beautiful love-light across ordinary England, and its uncaring reptiles and amphibians -- Tim Dee * Observer * In prose as effortless as a snake's progress, Richard Kerridge has written a wry, wise and refreshingly understated memoir -- Patrick Barkham * Guardian * Cold Blood shows us how much is to be gained from studying nature. A book that persuades anyone to try sampling life at first-hand rather than at second is much to be welcomed' -- Steve Jones * Sunday Telegraph *

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