Publication Date: 11/05/2019 ISBN: 9781944860257 Category:


Jonathan Higbee

Publisher: Anthology Editions
Publication Date: 11/05/2019 ISBN: 9781944860257 Category:




Photographer Jonathan Higbee spent years painstakingly documenting fleeting juxtapositions on the streets of New York. These intersections of passers-by, street signs, billboards, and more take on new meaning and life through the lens of Higbee’s camera: as a dancer on a stage of trash, graffiti unfurling from a backpack, to even a giant casually walking the streets of the city. Each photograph captures the wit, joy, and surrealism of everyday life in a sometimes chaotic world. Featuring new photographs, as well as seminal photos from his initial series, Coincidences is Higbee’s self-professed love letter to New York and its moments of serendipity.

Publisher Review

A casual flick through the pages of Coincidences might lead you to believe that it's just another street photography book shot in New York. But stop to linger a while on each page of this book and you'll begin to see something extraordinary. For each photo contains a visual pun, a joke and a coincidence that most would probably never have noticed, let alone thought to photograph. These little nuances transform what might have been an otherwise ordinary snapshot into something rather special, and make the collection as a whole quite remarkable. - Amateur Photographer (Feb. 2020) Jonathan Higbee's eye for the uncanny reveals an alternative New York where what is seen can not always be believed. -The Guardian, Dec. 2019 Representing more than a decade's work, Coincidences showcases a series of happy accidents rooted in the chaotic wonder of New York City. The book includes never-before-published photographs and transforms mundane moments into an extraordinary pulse of daily life. Through the power of patience and dedication to his craft, Higbee has mastered the ability to snap astonishing moments of wit, joy, and surrealism of contemporary life. - Daily Beast, October 2019 Many photographers have documented the streets of New York over the years, with artists like Joel Meyerowitz, Bruce Gilden, Mary Ellen Mark, Elliot Erwitt, and Brandon Stanton each providing a different and unique take on the Big Apple. Sometimes, indeed, it feels like everything's been done: every angle covered, every perspective covered. And then someone new comes along and blows away all that complacency. That person is Jonathan Higbee. -Creative Boom (Sept. 2019)

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