Publication Date: 18/08/2019 ISBN: 9780335248421 Category:

Coaching and Trauma

Julia Vaughan Smith

Publisher: Open University Press
Publication Date: 18/08/2019 ISBN: 9780335248421 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Why do coaches need to understand trauma? This book highlights the role coaches must play – and how it differs to psychotherapists – in supporting clients with trauma. A role that both enhances the coach’s skills and supports their clients’ personal development.

Trauma isn’t an event, it is a lasting internal process through which the ‘here and now’ of life experience is affected by the ‘there and then’ of traumatising experience. Vaughan Smith provides a way to understand the internal process that affects all aspects of our physical and mental wellbeing. While providing an introduction to the theory of trauma, the main focus is on practical application within the context of coaching; distilling Franz Ruppert’s theory of the surviving self and the healthy self.

Written for practitioners, this important text raises trauma awareness, addresses the ‘what if?’ questions many coaches have and provides a clear framework for implementation. Rarely do coaching or organisational development books address the very prevalent issue of trauma and yet this is something every coach will come across in their practice.

“This book busts the myth that trauma has nothing to do with coaching, while underlining clearly how coaches can maintain appropriate boundaries. A real gift to the profession and absolutely essential reading for any coaching supervisor.”
Paul Heardman, Leadership Coach and Coaching Supervisor

“A clear, enlightening, practical book that is well-grounded in theory.”
Carolyn Mumby, Executive and Personal Coach-Therapist, Supervisor and Facilitator, Chair BACP Coaching Division

“This is a book that coaching has been missing. From the first pages it’s clear that we are in safe hands as Julia guides us through a topic that is sadly still taboo for many coaches.”
Helen Sieroda, Director Wise Goose School of Coaching

“Necessary reading for anyone serious about coaching. It’s a profound book, and because it goes deep, it reveals fertile possibilities. It touches, evokes and – with great care – honours our necessary inventiveness.”
Jonathan Gosling, Emeritus Professor of Leadership, Exeter University and co-founder of

“This book should interest therapists and coaches. If not, they should ask themselves why. It is a magnificent fusion of Julia’s career as a clinician, manager, management consultant, therapist, coach and author.”
Brian Lewis, Bellettes Bay Company, Tasmania, Australia

“Essential reading for coaching supervisors and coaches. It has transformed my practice.”
Dr Louise Sheppard, Coaching Supervisor and Executive Coach at Praesta Partners LLP

“A must for anyone wanting to take their coaching to another level.”
Shirley Greenaway, Executive Coach, Head of Coaching at Management Futures

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