Publication Date: 07/04/2020 ISBN: 9781408867068 Category:

City of Girls

Elizabeth Gilbert

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: 07/04/2020 ISBN: 9781408867068 Category:
Paperback / Softback





Lisa Taddeo, author of THREE WOMEN

‘Warm and wise’
Stephanie Merritt, Observer

‘Glamorous, sexy, compelling’
Dolly Alderton, Sunday Times

‘I fell in love with Vivian from page one’
Daisy Buchanan

‘An education in love, and an iridescent delight’
Rowan Pelling, Spectator

New York, 1940. Young, glamorous and inseparable, Vivian and Celia are chasing trouble from one end of the city to the other. But there is risk in all this play – that’s what makes it so fun, and so dangerous. Sometimes, the world may feel like it’s ending, but for Vivian and Celia, life is just beginning.

City of Girls is about daring to break conventions and follow your desires: a celebration of glamour, resilience, growing up, and the joys of female friendship – and about the freedom that comes from finding a place you truly belong.

Publisher Review

A glamorous, sexy, compelling romp of a novel about showgirls in New York in the 1940s. It is an addictive story, with vivid, brazenly drawn female characters, that brims with fascinating historical details of the time ... Radical and refreshing to read * Sunday Times * I adored this story, I fell in love with Vivian from page one, she has an utterly singular voice, and I was captivated by tcombination of glamour and grit - it's a dazzling escapist fantasy with characters and emotions that are thrillingly real A glorious, multi-layered, emotionally astute celebration of womanhood ... An eloquently persuasive treatise on the judgment and punishment of women, and a heartfelt call to reclaim female sexual agency * Guardian * Glamorous and vivid * Independent, Top 15 novels of the year so far * Breezily funny and vividly written, City Of Girls is a quietly radical celebration of feminine sexual inhibition that slips down as easily as a gin martini. Expect to see it on multiple beaches this summer * Metro * A rollicking, beautifully rendered ride of glitter and fun ... Gilbert's novel is something of a masterpiece of flapdoodle itself ... Gilbert has a knack for storytelling and her plot doesn't so much twist as twirl, high-kicking all the way ... A rambunctious anthem to living a life joyous and satisfyingly full - and that deserves an ovation * Evening Standard * City of Girls will be a hit ... Readers will adore its bolstering message of hope * Sunday Times * Written with such wit, verve and emotional honesty that you feel you've washed down 100 life lessons within a vodka martini ... There are some of the most brilliant and truthful evocations of youthful sexual exploration that you'll ever read ... She has triumphed. City of Girls is an education in love, and an iridescent delight * Spectator * Brilliant on female friendship, desire and the influence a good mentor can bring to enrich a young woman's life * Grazia Summer Reads * Compelling ... works with themes of freedom, responsibility and empowerment that feel both timeless and timely. In a moment when women's desires are still being governed, this is a story about a woman who recognises - and embraces - hers * Time * There is so much to love in City of Girls. Vivian's voice is strong and leaves you yearning for more time with her * Independent * A romantic misadventure written with such wit, verve and emotional honesty that you feel you've washed down 100 life lessons within a vodka martini ... She has triumphed. City of Girls is an education in love, and an iridescent delight * Spectator * City of Girls is about women throwing off the shackles of marriage and convention in order to explore their desires ... What I loved about Vivian, is that she seizes the day * BBC Radio 4 * The self-portrait of a woman whose truest intimacy is with her own being ... It's the story of a woman who's made an independent life as best she can. If the usual narrative shapes don't fit most lives - neither she nor her creator seems to be worrying about it * New York Times * Expect to spot a copy on every beach towel come June * Vogue, Must-Reads * Hugely enjoyable and goes down with a smacking of lips while bringing a sparkle to the eye * i * Her wise, funny, ballsy voice is one that's given countless women the courage to change their lives... A glamorous romp of a tale that dazzleswith sequin-clad showgirls * Red * Wherever Liz Gilbert goes, we'll follow * Oprah magazine, Best book releases, 2019 * Fizzy, fabulous ... As bubbly as a champagne cocktail but with a real kick in the tail * Sunday Express * Funny, bittersweet ... Explores female desire in a radically refreshing way * * 'For years, I have wanted to write a novel about women who have a lot of sex, and who like it, and whose lives aren't destroyed by it," says Eat Pray Love author Gilbert. This is that book, set across the glittering fabric of a lost New York * Red, The books we can't wait to read 2019 * I freaking adored this book. Its heroine, Vivian Morris, will absolutely steal your heart and probably do a good job of breaking it, too The Eat Pray Love author transports us to New York in the summer of 1940 and a vibrant theatre scene studded with raucous showgirls *, Best Summer Reads * Young women come of age in war time New York, in the new novel from the author of Eat, Pray, Love * Guardian, 2019 in books: what you'll be reading this year * This cracker of a book manages to be funny, playful and thoughtful all at once ... A real joy to read ... A frothy sequin clad frolic ... a dazzling read * Good Housekeeping, '10 Books to Read Right Now' * Sensational * Cosmopolitan * A classic coming-of-age story * Daily Express * A fizzing portrait of a giddy young female hedonism * Irish Times *

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