Publication Date: 07/06/2016 ISBN: 9781620103067 Category:

BroBots Volume 1

J. Torres, Sean K. Dove

Publisher: Oni Press,US
Publication Date: 07/06/2016 ISBN: 9781620103067 Category:




A trio of robot bros reel in a big challenge and must band together to battle a giant monster in this playful take on classic kaiju-mech and fairytale stories.

Publisher Review

BOOKLIST -- When a giant threatens to destroy their city, robotic brothers Panchi, Joukei, and Kouro "bro-up" and spring into action! Torres' high-energy concept is exceptionally easy to dive into and cleverly plays with the manga genre, making it an excellent read for a gradeschooler. Though, at only 40 pages, with very large panels and brief dialogue, it feels like more of a taste of a story than a fully fleshed out narrative, there's still a lot here for kids to get excited about. Action fills almost every page, and the brobots are always ready with a one-liner or joke, which usually revolve around a pun using the word hro as oddly as possible. For example: they say, "What bro's up, must bro down," after jumping. Dove's brightly colored artwork has the absurd cartoon quality of an Adventure Time episode, with hammy smiles and blocky character design. Coupled with energetic storytelling, it's a combination sure to lure in young readers. A great kickoff to a series with lots of room to develop further.

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