Publication Date: 01/06/2023 ISBN: 9781838957018 Category:

Bored Gay Werewolf

Tony Santorella

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Publication Date: 01/06/2023 ISBN: 9781838957018 Category:


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‘Like a hairier Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a big-hearted novel about finding your “pack” in unexpected places’ Marie Claire, Best Books of the Year

Brian, an aimless slacker in his twenties, works double shifts at his waiter job, never cleans his apartment and gets black-out drunk with his restaurant comrades, Nik and Darby. He’s been struggling to manage his transition to adulthood almost as much as his monthly transitions to a werewolf. Really, he is not great at the whole werewolf thing, and his recent murderous slip-ups have caught the attention of Tyler, a Millennial were-entrepreneur determined to explore exponential growth strategies in the mythological wellness market.

Tyler has got a plan and he wants Brian to be part of it, and weirdly his brand of self-help punditry actually encourages Brian to shape up and to stop accidently marking out bad tippers at the restaurant as potential monthly victims. But as Brian gets closer to Tyler’s pack and drifts further away from Nik and Darby, he realises that Tyler’s expansion plans are much more nefarious than a little lupine enlightenment…

Big-hearted, goofy, anarchic and funny, Bored Gay Werewolf is a smart take on the doomsday logic of late capitalism and the complicated meeting point of masculinity and sexuality. More than that, though, and like Scooby Doo with Grindr or Stranger Things with sex and ennui, it’s a buddy novel about finding your pack, the power of friendship, and learning how to be comfortable in your own, shaggy werewolf pelt

Publisher Review

There really aren't enough novels about aimless, gay werewolves called Brian... * Sunday Times, Books to Watch in 2023 * I ate this up. A clever and chaotic commentary on toxic masculinity, the self-improvement industry, and the grind of modern existence. This book is biting! * Emily Austin, author of Everyone In this Room Will Someday Be Dead * Bored Gay Werewolf's got blood, it's got buddies... and it's so much fun * Ainslie Hogarth, author of Motherthing * An ungodly joy from start to finish... A compelling, delicious satire and a tribute to friendship... The definition of reading for pleasure. We loved it. * Attitude Magazine *

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