Publication Date: 08/09/2022 ISBN: 9781526315625 Category:

Blue Worlds: The Atlantic Ocean

Anita Ganeri, Josy Bloggs

Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
Publication Date: 08/09/2022 ISBN: 9781526315625 Category:


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Explore the mighty Atlantic Ocean in this beautifully illustrated children’s book, for readers aged 9+

The huge Atlantic is Earth’s second biggest ocean. It straddles the equator, linking the North and South America, Europe and Africa, and its waters vary from the icy Baltic Sea to the warm Caribbean. Under the waves, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge has helped form volcanic islands in the ocean over the course of millions of years, including Iceland and the Azores. The Atlantic provides us with a wealth of fish and other natural resources, but today it is at great risk from overfishing and pollution, as well as climate change.

The oceans make up Earth’s biggest habitat. More than 70 per cent of Earth’s surface is covered by oceans and seas and they hold more than 97 per cent of Earth’s water supply. Oceans drive the world’s weather, provide half of the oxygen we breathe and provide food and livelihoods for more than a billion people.

Blue Worlds explores each of the world’s five oceans and major seas in detail, looking at the different features – from wildlife and weather to landscape – that make them all individual and unique. It also looks at the threats that they face, such as global warming, overfishing and pollution.

Titles in the series: The Arctic Ocean, The Atlantic Ocean. The Indian Ocean, The Pacific Ocean, The Southern Ocean, Seas, Gulfs & Bays

The blue planet
Around the Atlantic
Beneath the waves
Volcanoes and islands
Winds, weather and currents
Exploring the Atlantic
Atlantic wildlife
The Sargasso Sea
Atlantic green turtles
People and transport
Riches of the Atlantic
Atlantic in danger
Future Atlantic
Atlantic facts

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