Publication Date: 25/03/2021 ISBN: 9781913532369 Category:

As We Were: The First World War

David Hargreaves, Margaret-Louise O'Keeffe

Publisher: Whitefox Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: 25/03/2021 ISBN: 9781913532369 Category:
Mixed Media Product




Fought between 1914 and 1918, World War One – The Great War – was the most titanic and devastating conflict the world had yet seen. Detailing the course of the war week-by-week and the intimate accounts and experiences of soldiers and civilians alike, As We Were offers insight like no other into a war that impacted generations the world over.

As We Were, We Shall Be Changed: 4 August 1914 – 30 August 1915

‘You will be home before the leaves have fallen from the trees’
Kaiser Wilhelm II, August 1914

As We Were, That Rich Earth: 31 August 1915 – 2 October 1916

‘There is a great deal after all to be said for the existence of evil; it might almost be held to prove the existence of God’
Raymond Asquith, May 1916

As We Were, Help Me to Die: 3 October 1916 – 15 October 1917

‘The strikes and disturbances in the city are beyond provocative… little boys and girls running about shouting they have no bread, simply in order to create excitement…’
The Tsarina of Russia, March 1917

As We Were, All My Sons: 16 October 1917 – 11 November 1918

‘As they bound him… he turned his blindfolded face up to mine and said in a voice which wrung my heart, “Kiss me, Sir, kiss me” ‘
The Rev Julian Bickersteth, December 1917

Publisher Review

' is gloriously readable. All human life is here: courage and cowardice, heroism and horror. It may cost GBP100, but it's worth every penny. I loved these books.' - Dominic Sandbrook, The Sunday Times; '...brings us as close as we can ever get to the individual experience of war.' -- David Crane, The Spectator; 'Emotionally gut-wrenching, but full of heart and indeed humour. These books never flinch from tragedy, but fight shy of sentimentality. Above all, they stay sensitive to the huge canvas against which war was played out.' --Sir Anthony Seldon, Master of Wellington College and author or editor of over 35 books on contemporary history, politics and education

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