Publication Date: 18/07/2019 ISBN: 9781838850333 Category:


Emma Jane Unsworth

Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
Publication Date: 18/07/2019 ISBN: 9781838850333 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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‘There’s no ceremony for friendship, is there?’
‘Believe me, if I could marry you too, Tyler, I would.’

Laura and Tyler are best friends and drinking buddies. But things are set to change when Laura gets engaged to the man of Tyler’s nightmares. Can their friendship survive? Or will growing up mean growing apart?

Publisher Review

What also makes Animals so fresh - apart from Emma Jane Unsworth's lovely turn of phrase and ability to resuscitate the worst hangover you've ever had - is just how filthy these girls are * * Stylist * * Savagely funny, clever and wise. If it's not an instant cult classic I'm leaving the cult -- NATHAN FILER Unsworth's story is more complex than an ode to the party or a call to responsible adulthood, and her characters shine with humanity * * New Yorker * * I wish I had written this book . . . Withnail with girls -- CAITLIN MORAN A gloriously over-the-top account of female friendship * * Guardian * * Hilarious, moving and poetic * * Glamour * * Animals is a riot. A kind of drunker, swearier Girls. I loved it -- MATT HAIG What makes this novel so fresh are the unexpected turns the story takes and the vividness, urgency and idiosyncratic panache of Unsworth's writing * * New York Times * * Animals beautifully navigates the complexities of intimate relationships. Never cloying or mawkish, it communicates vulnerability, dependence and tenderness, often in a single dazzling line . . . Like a riotous, careening night out, full of bellowing laughter and absurd details, this is a book you'll be talking about for years to come. It marks Unsworth as a tremendous talent -- Kerry Hudson * * Guardian * * An utterly triumphant ode to female friendship * * ELLE * *

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