Publication Date: 08/02/2018 ISBN: 9781509810574 Category:

All That’s Left to Tell

Daniel Lowe

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication Date: 08/02/2018 ISBN: 9781509810574 Category:
Paperback / Softback




What if you could rewrite the past . . . ?

Marc Laurent is being held captive. Every night, a woman he knows only as Josephine comes to visit him. And every night, she and Marc tell each other stories about the daughter he lost. As they unfold – on a journey across America, into the past, and into a future that may never come – father and daughter start to find their way towards understanding each other again.

Lyrical, seductive and utterly compelling, Daniel Lowe’s All That’s Left to Tell is a novel about second chances and the stories we tell to make sense of ourselves.

‘An utterly engrossing novel about the universal need to tell stories in order to survive, to remember, and to be remembered’ Laila Lalami

Publisher Review

Not since Kevin Brockmeier's The Truth About Celia has a novel made a more dramatic case for the importance of stories as a way to deal with life's tragic events...The characters here remain real and memorable, a credit to Lowe's storytelling skill * Publisher's Weekly * Captivating...Lowe's prose is evocative, the plot gripping, and the attachment that reaches across the alienation between these characters reaches out to the reader as well. A story about storytelling, stirring and effective * Kirkus * Notable...While the subject matter is taken from the news, this is a largely nonpolitical title. Lowe's concern is with the intricacies and intimacies of family life and the power of stories to sustain, even under the most extreme circumstances. A remarkably accomplished debut -- Library Journal (starred) Luscious...Compelling. Lowe's elaborate tapestry showcases humankind's reliance on the power of stories to comfort, correct, and clarify both our hidden feelings and exposed fears. With its shifting points of view and emotional authenticity, Lowe's masterfully crafted first novel will be a surefire hit with book discussion groups * Booklist (starred) * In Daniel Lowe's fiction debut, All That's Left to Tell, stories create life, hope, pain, and they bend the mind, as story itself is investigated by the book's telescoping structure of a story within a story, within a story...Lowe's real talents become apparent very quickly * Wales Arts Review * Intense and compelling, Daniel Lowe's debut novel, All That's Left to Tell, is filled with both profound emotional disconnect and insatiable longing * Bustle * A literary Russian nesting doll, with stories embedded within stories * Pittsburgh Tribune * A refreshing debut novel that should not go unnoticed...Mr. Lowe demonstrates exceptional talent as a wordsmith, and for plotting an intriguing story whose premise invites readers to practice empathy for another by imagining their story. There is much to look forward to in Mr. Lowe's rising talent * Pittsburgh Post-Gazette * An American is taken hostage in Pakistan in this captivating page-turner, and as you spiral through an endless, fascinating trail of stories shared between the prisoner and his captor it becomes clear that the relationship between them is far more complex than one could possibly imagine -- Newsweek, The Best New Book Releases A real tale for our times...Lowe's sense of purpose and moral compass may remind readers of Ward Just and Marilynne Robinson * LitHub * Engrossing . . . A seductive tale that examines how we make sense of ourselves * Independent * Intertwines stories within stories so cleverly that, in the end, both the characters and the reader start to wonder which of the narratives are real and which are imagined * Financial Times * This may be a first novel by US author Daniel Lowe but he is an experienced writer and it shows in this engrossing tale . . . The power of the book lies in Lowe's ability to reveal profound events in a calm narrative . . . a seductive tale that stays with you, leading us to examine how we make sense of ourselves through our relationships with those most important to us and how we may reckon with them when a life ends * Press Association * Daniel Lowe's debut novel opens with a fierce, immediate narrative grip that continues to tighten until the book reaches a climax that resonates long after one has closed the cover of this haunted and haunting book -- Stuart Dybek, author of Paper Lantern Through carefully crafted storytelling and an expert's ear for dialogue, Daniel Lowe delivers an outstanding debut. The plot of All That's Left to Tell is satisfyingly ripped from recent headlines and takes the reader on a dizzying, dream-state of a ride as Lowe unspools the storyline to stunning effect -- Christopher Scotton, author of The Secret Wisdom of the Earth All That's Left To Tell took me completely by surprise. This moving, imaginative, intricate novel is written in a voice so sure and so deft that it's hard to believe that it's Daniel Lowe's first. If you value the power of story, the cathartic effect of seeing another's life in intimate detail, then please join me in celebrating this momentous debut -- Mitchell Kaplan * Books & Books * Like Tim O'Brien's After Cacciato, All That's Left To Tell celebrates not just the power of storytelling but the deeply human need for it in even the most dire situations. Alternately gripping and dreamy, Daniel Lowe's debut imagines what the stories we tell reveal about ourselves, and how they may save us -- Stewart O'Nan, author of West of Sunset 'An utterly engrossing novel about the universal need to tell stories in order to survive, to remember, and to be remembered' -- Laila Lalami

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