Publication Date: 25/04/2024 ISBN: 9781529040227 Category:

All Of Us Are Broken

Fiona Cummins

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication Date: 25/04/2024 ISBN: 9781529040227 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Could you sacrifice one of your children to save the other?


‘A gripping crime narrative which blends so seamlessly with emotional family drama’ – Erin Kelly

An unbearable decision

Held up at gunpoint by two vicious killers, Christina Hardwicke is ordered to make an unthinkable choice – between the life of her daughter or her son.

An unsuspecting family

When the Hardwicke family set off on a holiday to the Scottish Highlands, the last thing they expected was to be confronted by a deadly couple on a killing spree.

A nightmare come to life

Tailed closely by Detective Saul Anguish, the damaged pair have committed a string of ruthless killings across the country, all leading to this moment.

Will the detective be able to reach the Hardwicke family before catastrophe strikes?

Everyone is talking about All Of Us Are Broken:

‘Breathtakingly good’ – Daily Mail

‘Beautifully written’ – Sunday Express

‘Action-packed and brimming with atmosphere’ – i

‘This thriller has it all’ – T. M. Logan

‘Savage, heartbreaking, beautiful and chilling’ – Chris Whitaker

Readers can’t get enough of All Of Us Are Broken:

‘This book had me in tears, swearing at my kindle and holding my breath. It is that good’

‘An excellent, tense, pacy thriller that left me speechless’

‘I’ve read some dark thrillers in my time but woah, this takes it to another level!’

‘Dark, gritty, and at times incredibly moving’

‘Gripping and gruesome’

‘Beautifully plotted, breathtakingly twisted and absolutely spot on in its emotional resonance. I absolutely loved it’

Publisher Review

This thriller has it all: a darkly charismatic detective, a pair of merciless killers and a propulsive plot that builds towards a devastating finale. — T. M. Logan A gripping thriller. All those damaged characters harbouring secrets. Absolutely intriguing. Loved it. — Liz Nugent All of Us Are Broken is a master class in suspense. . . An adrenaline ride with several layers of profound substance, a reader can’t ask for more than that — David Baldacci Wow, this book is amazing. I was gripped, terrified and mesmerised all at the same time. I won’t be able to stop thinking about it for months (no, YEARS) to come. — B P Walter Fiona Cummins writes a belter of a thriller. Such a powerful story and a gut punching final chapter — Joanna Cannon Can’t remember the last time such a gripping crime narrative blended so seamlessly with an emotional, weepy family drama — Erin Kelly A phenomenal thriller — Olivia Kiernan Savage, heartbreaking, beautiful and chilling. Fiona Cummins rips up the rule book in this quite brilliant story of love and loss, murder and redemption — Chris Whitaker Such an original and gripping read, it kept me hooked from the dramatic opening pages. Talk about a nail-biting start — Sarah Pearse A visceral, aching novel from a writer at the top of her game — Lisa Ballantyne This book is brilliant, brutal and dark. It will shock and enthral, and it may break your heart — Sarah Hilary An elegiac and adrenaline-fuelled ride, and as dark, sleek and dangerous as the murderous couple at the story’s heart. In a strong field, this may be my favourite Fiona Cummins novel yet! — C M Ewan Utterly addictive, utterly heartbreaking — Nikki Smith Devising an engaging high-concept hook is one of the hardest things an author can achieve. Executing it well is tougher yet. This book made me cry. Twice. Highly recommended — Ed James Fearless. Visceral. Heartbreaking. Fiona Cummins takes a deep dive into the brutality and the humanity that coexist inside each and every one of us — Tammy Cohen I don’t think anyone else writes such emotional, beautiful, devastating crime books as Fiona Cummins. I really will need to recover from this one — Louise Swanson A powerful, emotional and thrilling story, told with white-knuckle pace and breath-holding heart — Jo Callaghan You’ll want to hug your loved ones close after reading this pitch dark thrill-ride filled with impossible, heart-breaking choices. Incredible — Susi Holliday A nerve shredding journey into the heart of darkness. Fans of Luther and Mo Hayder will love it — Mark Edwards All Of Us Are Broken is Fiona Cummins’ modern retelling of the Bonnie and Clyde story, transplanted from the American heartland to the Scottish Highlands. Cummins uses her considerable skills to meditate on the pervasive nature of violence in our contemporary society. A dark and bloody ride. — Vaseem Khan A rare and exquisite novel, and one that marks Fiona Cummins out as one of our bravest crime writers (not to mention one of the best). Unbearably tense, devastatingly dark, but ultimately a homage to love and survival. — Caroline Frear Gripping and page-turnery and all those good things but also keeps you right on the edge of heartbreak. Stunning. — Laura Marshall A fantastic read — Lesley Kara

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