Publication Date: 24/08/2021 ISBN: 9781999992859 Category:

After the Sun

Jonas Eika, Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg

Publisher: Lolli Editions
Publication Date: 24/08/2021 ISBN: 9781999992859 Category:
Paperback / Softback




Under Cancun’s hard blue sky, a beach boy provides a canvas for tourists’ desires, seeing deep into the world’s underbelly. An enigmatic encounter in Copenhagen takes an IT consultant down a rabbit hole of speculation that proves more seductive than sex. The collapse of a love triangle in London leads to a dangerous, hypnotic addiction. In the Nevada desert, a grieving man tries to merge with an unearthly machine.

After the Sun opens portals to our newest realities, haunting the margins of a globalised world that’s both saturated with yearning and brutally transactional. Infused with an irrepressible urgency, Eika’s fiction seems to have conjured these far-flung characters and their encounters in a single breath. Juxtaposing startling beauty with grotesquery, balancing the hyperrealistic with the fantastical, he has invented new modes of storytelling for an era when the old ones no longer suffice.

Publisher Review

"Eika's prose flexes a light-footed, vigilant, and unpredictable animalism: it's practically pantheresque. After the Sun is an electrifying, utterly original read." - Claire-Louise Bennett, author of Pond; "Political fictions aren't supposed to be this personal. Satires aren't supposed to be this heartbreaking. Surrealism isn't supposed to be this real. Giving a damn isn't supposed to be this fun. From slights of hand, to shocks to the heart, After the Sun is doing all the things you don't expect it to, and leaving a big bold mark in what we call literature." - Marlon James, author of Black Leopard, Red Wolf; "Jonas Eika blew the doors and windows of my imagination open, and now there is a galaxy in my head and a supernova in my heart. After the Sun vibrates with the aftershock of capitalism and reality flux. Its characters confront the world we've made as if they are facing off with ex-lovers who won't leave, caught at the instant before they will either flame on or flame out. Thrilling." - Lidia Yuknavitch, author of The Chronology of Water; "Striking literary craftsmanship in an ex- perimental mix of shock-lit, sci-fi, dada and Joycean glints presented as loose time- scenes that slide in and out like cards in the hands of the shuffler. By the end, this reader had the impression of having been drawn through a keyhole." - Annie Proulx, author of Barkskins; "Jonas Eika completely destroys every safety net. After the Sun has a combustible power in its longing for another world - and it expands the term 'fiction.' No other writer has exploded onto the scene like Eika in a long while." - Der Spiegel; "Spectacular... The stories read as sensual as they are cryptic, permeated with a heavy desire that can barely be distinguished from a spiritual longing." - Der Tagesspiegel

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