Publication Date: 01/04/2021 ISBN: 9781788164955 Category:

Acting with Power

Deborah Gruenfeld

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Publication Date: 01/04/2021 ISBN: 9781788164955 Category:
Paperback / Softback




“A refreshing and enlightening new perspective on what it means to be powerful.” – SUSAN CAIN, bestselling author of Quiet

An eye-opening exploration of power and how we can harness it using performance techniques borrowed from actors.

What if instead of worrying about getting more power, we focus on using the power we do have better?

Stanford business professor Deborah Gruenfeld combines 25 years of social psychology research with personal experience to reveal the truth about power: that we all have more than we realise and what counts is what we do with it.

Acting with Power shows anyone seeking greater professional and academic success what power is actually for, how to identify it within ourselves, and how to use it constructively using acting techniques.

Some of us crave a bigger role, and many of us feel like imposters in our current ones. Acting with Power shows us how to be the best version of ourselves in any role, on any stage.

Publisher Review

"Those of us who know Deb Gruenfeld have been dying to get our hands on this book, and it definitely does not disappoint. Acting with Power is an entertaining and uplifting read, filled with sharp insight, practical advice and a strong moral code. This book will change how you think about power and how you handle it - and will help you see the power you may not have known you have. -- Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, author of Lean In, and founder of LeanIn.Org and OptionB.Org A smart, interesting, and timely book -- Daniel Gilbert, Professor of Psychology, Harvard University

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