Publication Date: 01/09/2022 ISBN: 9781529099652 Category:

A Taste of Gold and Iron

Alexandra Rowland

Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Publication Date: 01/09/2022 ISBN: 9781529099652 Category:


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A sweeping fantasy romance set against the backdrop of an Ottoman Empire-inspired world, A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland is perfect for fans of A Marvellous Light and The Goblin Emperor.

‘A delicious tangle of romance, fealty and dangerous politics’ – Tasha Suri, author of The Jasmine Throne

One false coin could topple an empire.

Kadou, the shy prince of Arasht, has no intention of wrestling for imperial control with his sister, the queen. Yet he remains at odds with one of the most powerful ambassadors at court – the father of the queen’s new child. Then a hunting party goes terribly awry, and Kadou finds himself under suspicion of attempted murder.

To prove his loyalty to his sister and salvage his reputation, Kadou takes responsibility for the investigation of a break-in at one of their guilds. He enlists the help of his newly appointed bodyguard, the coldly handsome Evemer, who seems to tolerate him at best. But what appears to be a straightforward crime spirals into a complex counterfeiting operation, with a powerful enemy at its heart.

In Arasht, where princes can touch-taste precious metals with their fingers and myth runs side by side with history, counterfeiting is heresy. The conspiracy they discover could cripple the kingdom’s financial standing – and bring about its ruin.

‘As indulgent and satisfying as your favourite fanfiction’ – Tessa Gratton, author of The Queens of Innis Lear

Publisher Review

A delicious tangle of romance, fealty and dangerous politics -- Tasha Suri A Taste of Gold and Iron is a slow-burn romance flush with sexy, complicated relationships, founded on the ethics of duty and love. As indulgent and satisfying as your favourite fan fiction -- Tessa Gratton Witty, clever, and often extremely funny, Rowland's tale of a prince who doesn't want power but has it anyway - and must survive all the risks that brings with it - somehow manages to be both soft and hard-edged, clever and kind. And sexy! Very much that too -- Jenn Lyons This book gleams and sparkles with emotion and sensory detail, showcasing the richness of Rowland's created world. It's a hugely satisfying blend of economic intrigue, vivid characters, and slow-burn romance - and it's also, frequently, funny as hell -- Freya Marske Alexandra Rowland delivers again - an engaging story in a complex, intricately rendered world full of deeply human, sensitively drawn characters -- Rowenna Miller In exploring what monarchs owe their people, and what individuals owe each other, this achingly tender fantasy wows -- Publishers Weekly starred review Rowland's latest continues to showcase their captivating prose, immersive details, and complicated characters -- Library Journal starred review An engaging fantasy/romance set in a large, lush, and inclusive world -- Kirkus starred review The slow-burn romance between them is beautifully done and adds a thrilling element to the story that readers will savor -- Booklist [F]or readers who enjoy forced proximity and bodyguard romances, A Taste of Gold and Iron offers both, wrapped in a delightful package of espionage and royal duty . . . Rowland also impresses in their nuanced depiction of anxiety -- Bookpage This slow-burn romantic fantasy with a heavy dose of political intrigue is rich in world-building and emotional angst . . . A queernormative fantasy world -- Buzzfeed

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