Publication Date: 01/01/2004 ISBN: 9781555974022 Category:

A Table Of Content

Dorothea Tanning

Publisher: Graywolf Press,U.S.
Publication Date: 01/01/2004 ISBN: 9781555974022 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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Renowned painter and sculptor Dorothea Tanning imagines and realises a collage of surreal wit, formal inventiveness, and urban and whimsical visuals. Oh, we were primed like canvas’, she writes in one poem, and every page in this remarkable debut becomes a unique experience to gaze and wonder with this artisit’s imaginitive, roving eye. We are made to see more clearly, more forcefully the city landscape, the creative impulse, and the words of potential disaster and sensual erotics with a vision that survives taste, trend and time.’

Publisher Review

"Some would call these poems collages, finery glued into dreamy images. But I prefer to call the whole of them a kaleidoscope-angled feelings and dappled ideas constantly shape-shifting into remarkable new patterns, by turns giddy and grave. And when you put the little device down, you realize you've all along been looking at your own life, grandly reimagined by a master. Dorothea Tanning's verbal wizardry is a constant surprise, an abiding delight, and readers who sit down to A Table of Content can expect to stand up more strangely themselves. She wears her soul on her sleeve, and it shines, it shines!" --J. D. McClatchy

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