Publication Date: 04/05/2017 ISBN: 9780192758958 Category:

A Story Like the Wind

Gill Lewis

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication Date: 04/05/2017 ISBN: 9780192758958 Category:




A beautifully illustrated story of freedom, music, and seeking refuge.
A small group of refugees is crowded on to a boat on the sea. They share their stories as the boat travels towards the dream of safety and freedom. One boy, Rami, has brought his violin, and his story of how the violin was invented, and of a stallion that could run like the wind, weaves through the other stories, bringing them all together into a celebration of hope and of the power of music and story. A very special, beautifully illustrated, fable for all who strive to understand, and to stand
together with, those around them.
Gill Lewis is the multi-award-winning and best-selling author of novels such as Sky Hawk, White Dolphin, and Scarlet Ibis and A Story Like the Wind is her lyrical and unforgettable response to the refugee crisis, which will linger on in the mind long after reading. Beautiful charcoal illustrations from Jo Weaver give this book a very special feel and make it a perfect gift.

Publisher Review

"Gill Lewis's brief but beautiful story is rich in wonder, as well as being a timely reminder of the refugee crisis that continues today" * BookTrust * "A wonderful tribute to the importance of stories and hope" * The Week Junior * "Gill Lewis weaves an unforgettable tale of displacement, hope, and the search for freedom" * The Guardian * "A Story Like the Wind is utterly beautiful; the words and illustrations perfectly intertwining to create a celebration of love, life and hope" * The Book Activist * "This affecting book deserves to be shared widely and discussed anywhere people come together in groups" * Red Reading Hub * "The illustrations are haunting and perfectly compliment the text ... It eloquently celebrates our common humanity and nurtures the values of kindness, compassion and tolerance ... Absolutely beautiful in both appearance and content and highly recommended." * The Book Bag * "We need stories to help children develop empathy for others, because it is our only hope to develop a caring a tolerant society of the future" * The Bookseller * "Resonant, compassionate and enriched by evocative monochrome images" * The Sunday Times * "Lewis writes a powerful story, an intelligent conversation between myth and crude reality that wakes you up with a cold splash" - picked as the Times Book of the Week * The Saturday Times *

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