Publication Date: 15/12/2020 ISBN: 9780802148445 Category:

A Small Town

Thomas Perry

Publisher: Black Cat
Publication Date: 15/12/2020 ISBN: 9780802148445 Category:
Paperback / Softback



Publisher Review

Praise for Thomas Perry: "[Perry is] a master of nail-biting suspense."--Los Angeles Times "Plenty of characters, plenty of emotion, plenty of insider expertise, but most of all plenty of irresistible momentum toward a fantastic climax--in other words, The Bomb Maker is typical Thomas Perry."--Lee Child, on The Bomb Maker "The best thing about Thomas Perry's thrillers are the devilishly ingenious schemes his protagonists devise to outwit their pursuers...Perry can really write."--San Francisco Chronicle, on The Boyfriend "Perry is so skillful with the old chase-and-pursuit routine, creates such interesting characters, and writes about them so tellingly, one wants more immediately, not next year--right now."--Boston Globe "Mr. Perry, in this first-rate thriller, proves as cagy as his criminal mastermind: The reader rarely anticipates his next move. He balances breathtaking suspense with romantic intrigue."--Wall Street Journal, on The Bomb Maker "[A harrowing hunt-and-hide adventure...nobody writes chase scenes like Perry, who devises intricate itineraries, multiple identities and frequent costume changes."--New York Times Book Review, on The Old Man "Perry...builds suspense with all the subtlety of a master chef nursing a risotto to a buttery perfection. It's nothing new to call Perry a master of the genre, but it's no less true for being widely acknowledged."--Booklist "Perry is a master of plotting...Most readers know him from his Jane Whitefield 'disappeared' series. His thrillers, of which this is one of the best, are even better." Globe and Mail (Toronto) "Perry delivers a perfect melding of character and plot, light and dark, and he totally immerses the reader in an irresistible narrative."--Booklist, "Top 10 Crime Novels of the Year," on Forty Thieves "Since his Edgar Award-winning debut novel, The Butcher's Boy . . . Thomas Perry has put together a rewarding string of suspense novels with as much cool competence as some of his best protagonists bring to their work . . . Perry's a real pro." --Shelf Awareness, on The Old Man

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