Publication Date: 10/10/2017 ISBN: 9781910463338 Category:

A Passion For China

Molly Hatch

Publisher: September Publishing
Publication Date: 10/10/2017 ISBN: 9781910463338 Category:



Mr B's review

This highly illustrated book by a celebrated designer considers the ceramic objects that we surround ourselves with, cleverly combining history, art, memoir and stylish nostalgia. She begins with a homage to items that graced her grandmother’s table, from Portuguese scalloped bowls to blue willow plates, before considering pieces from museums and studios she has worked in. The short descriptions touch on the beautifully drawn objects themselves, but also on the memories and emotions such possessions can spark. 


A Passion for China is a personal celebration of the everyday beauty of tableware. Acclaimed ceramicist, artist and designer Molly Hatch explores the family stories behind beloved items; the bowls and cups we have inherited or chosen with love and care. Molly Hatch also brings the history of porcelain, potteries and patterns to life through her stunning, hand-drawn illustrations. ‘As we move through our daily lives, eating breakfast, sipping an afternoon cup of tea or gathering for a family dinner, the patterned ceramic objects we live with are precious witnesses to our stories. We eat from them, they warm our hands after a cold walk outdoors and we pull them out to celebrate the births, marriages and lives of our loved ones.’ A tribute to the rich heritage of the vintage plates, jugs and pots that make our homes our own.

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