Publication Date: 01/09/2022 ISBN: 9781800811263 Category:

A Home of One’s Own

Hashi Mohamed

Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Publication Date: 01/09/2022 ISBN: 9781800811263 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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As cities expand and rents rise, what does it really mean to have a home?

‘A marvel, by an inspiring and deeply humane writer’ – Philippe Sands

A home is important because it offers sanctuary and privacy. It can help improve mental health and emotional resilience, and it can help break people out of cycles of poverty. Yet in the past 30 years we’ve seen home ownership dwindle as council housing stocks deplete and more of us are caught in insecure tenancies. And it’s not just London – there isn’t a single major city in the world today not suffering from an affordable housing crisis. Why does this matter – and what can be done?

Drawing on his own history of housing insecurity and his professional career as a planning barrister, Hashi Mohamed examines the myriad aspects of housing – from Right-to-Buy to Grenfell, slums and evictions to the Bank of Mum and Dad. A Home of One’s Own is a deeply personal study of the crisis confronting global metropoles – and an exploration of the ways we can remove barriers, improve equality and create cities where more people have a place to call their own.

Publisher Review

Beautifully written ... having a home is a central aspect of people's lives and a cornerstone of trust in society and its institutions -- Anne Minton * FT * PRAISE FOR HASHI MOHAMED'S PEOPLE LIKE US: * - * Hashi Mohamed powerfully exposes the alienating and segregating effect of social immobility in this country. Beautifully written, People Like Us makes a deeply personal case for a world in which anybody can reach success, but doesn't have to leave a part of themselves behind to achieve it. -- Rt Hon David Lammy MP He is an unconventional figure, and a key strength of his book is his refreshing willingness to address controversial issues with candour * Sunday Times * A vital work of courage and hope, by a truly remarkable individual. -- Philippe Sands Mohamed's is an impressive tale, but he turns it into something much larger and far more resonant in his finely written memoir ... a rather ambitious and far-ranging attempt to rethink the whole stalled project of social mobility. A careful and affecting study of personal struggle, social mobility and international migration that brings a fresh and well-informed voice to the debate. * Observer * This rags-to-riches tale is related with humility and humour * The Times * I found myself nodding in agreement with every word of People Like Us. Hashi Mohamed has written a moving, shocking and clear-eyed account of the increasingly rare phenomenon of social mobility. Using his own extraordinary story as a spine he has written an analysis, how-to-guide and polemic on getting on and up in Britain today. -- Grayson Perry A brilliant book that should be read and celebrated at any time, but especially now -- Elif Shafak * New Statesman *

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