Publication Date: 11/05/2023 ISBN: 9781838665937 Category:

A Home for Every Plant

Matthew Biggs, Lucila Perini

Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd
Publication Date: 11/05/2023 ISBN: 9781838665937 Category:




Journey across 40 incredible habitats around the world to discover the biggest, boldest, and stinkiest plants

Without plants there would be no life on Earth, but most people are blind to their impact. This stylish and informative introduction to plants sets out to cure ‘plant blindness’ by introducing children to 66 amazing plants from the six major climactic zones around the world.

From the smelliest, such as the massive Titan Arum of the Indonesian rainforest, which stinks of rotting flesh to attract insects, to the hardest-working, including peat moss, an overlooked bog plant that helps protect our planet by trapping carbon dioxide, readers will learn about the vital role of plants in Nature through detailed, vibrant illustrations and fascinating facts. Children will also learn how to use their new-found knowledge of the plant’s natural environment to care for the plants around them and at home.

Matthew Biggs’ research included consulting eminent botanists around the globe and referencing scientific papers. This book teaches children about plants in the context of their natural environment, and is ideal for geography and biology curricular tie ins, as well as being a book that will inspire children to love and care for the plants around them. This is the perfect compendium for plant-lovers, budding gardeners, and would-be botanists and nature-lovers alike.

Ages 7 – 12

Publisher Review

'This is the perfect compendium for would-be botanists and the already green-fingered amongst us, big and small. Utterly brilliant.' - Honest Mum 'Gorgeous and stuffed full of information about every kind of plant imaginable ... A must-buy for nature lovers!' - Picture Book Playdate 'Rich and intriguing ... Children will enjoy exploring this book with vivid illustrations and fascinating plant-based facts.' - The Silvan Reverie 'A beautiful and creative work ... Getting this book into the hands of children is the first step in getting them interested in plants and how important they are to our environment.' - Pamela Kramer

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