Welcome back to our children’s literature podcast! On the first episode of this new season, we are joined by Axie Oh, bestselling author of The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea. You might remember this title from our bookseller’s dozen selection in February!

This new season of the podcast takes a deep dive into the surge of folklore retellings in children’s books. We explore why these tales are the ones to withstand time and how they found their ways into the minds of our authors.

Mythology within folklore has always been a way to explain the unexplainable. Folklore gives reason in a world that does not make sense. Maybe that is why they have returned to popularity. We are living in a world filled with bad news, and our minds are bubbling with questions. Though these myths might not answer those questions, but they are a form of comfort. This world needs a lot of comfort.

So join us on this new season of the podcast where we will travel across the world and through time: from the prehistoric era to modern day NYC. From Korea to the Slavic nations.

Thank you to Axie Oh for starting this season off right! You can find out more about Axie and her writing here! To shop her books and the others she recommended, you can find the list here!

Tune in next time as we chat with Sophie Anderson, author of the bestselling middle grade novel The House with Chicken Legs.

Thank you to the staff at Mr B’s Emporium, the best booksellers this side of the Atlantic. Thank you to Seb Jensen, our sound editor, and to the bookshop band for providing our lovely intro music! We hope you enjoy this new season of the Flamboyancy of Children’s podcast. Find yourself newly lost in old myths and legends!