On this episode of a Flamboyancy of Children’s Authors, we are highlighting amazing kids’ graphic novels–specifically Tim Probert’s ‘Lightfall’! Some people might turn their noses up at graphic novels for kids. Many think they are not challenging enough. However, this simply isn’t true anymore. Kids’ graphic novels have impressive vocabularies; they have complex emotional stories that will have kids asking questions about the world and about themselves. Graphic novels are not lowering anyone’s reading levels. They are delightful novels with incredible artwork to move us through the story

Mr B’s Bookseller Tess Mahuta is one of our graphic novel champions. She is a fantastic artist herself and has a great eye for spotting the best graphic novels for both kids and adults. Tess is one of the original champions of ‘Lightfall’ and has put it into the hands of so many readers. Many have come back to tell us it is their favourite book! Find her current graphic novel recommendations in our booklist. Alternatively, come into the shop to have an enthusiastic chat with her about what she is loving.

Tim Probert’s ‘Lightfall’ is his first children’s graphic novel. ‘Lightfall’ is a fantastical adventure story dealing with friendship, anxiety, family, and bravery. It has incredibly bright, inviting art work and a delightful story to lose yourself in. Tim discusses his method of writing and illustrating. He also teases the news that Lightfall’s sequel is coming next spring! So get ready for your Galdurian fix, all you fans out there!

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To learn more about Tim Probert and his work, visit his website.