On this week of the podcast, we discuss children’s fantasy books. Specifically, ‘The Legend of Podkin One Ear’ by Kieran Larwood. Podkin is the middle grade series that we Mr B’s booksellers believe everyone should read. It has gotten so many reluctant children reading for life.

In my chat with my esteemed colleague Edward Scotland, we discuss books that kids will love after finishing the Five Realms series (that is at least, the ones that are out already). He also shares a few books that readers aging into young adult books will love.

In our interview with Kieran, he shares with us the origins of Podkin and how the stories all connect. He is living out his dream of being a full time writer, which just means that we get even more of his fantastic books. We are so excited to share this episode of our podcast with you listeners and readers.

The first book in the series follows the adventures of Podkin, his sister Paz and their baby brother Pook. Podkin’s world has been taken over by a race of evil iron-covered rabbits called the Gorm. When they come to his warren one Bramblemas Eve, he finds himself running for his life and fighting to survive. ‘The Legend of Podkin One-Ear’ won the Blue Peter Book Award 2017, the Prix Sorcieres 2019, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2018 and nominated for the Carnegie Award 2018. It has also been optioned for television.

Kieran has many exciting projects for us to read and enjoy. His newest upcoming release is entitled Carnival of the Lost. You can preorder Kieran’s new book, releasing in February 2022 here.

You can find all the books (in print) recommended by Ed and Kieran here!

Find out more about Kieran and his writing at his website.