Today, we are jumping into young readers books with author Serena Patel! Mr B’s Bookseller Tom Mooney shares his expertise about young readers books and how they have changed. He shares the favourite books he loves reading with his kids and how it has opened their world.

Young readers books often become children’s first memories of reading with their parents. The books on the shelves today are helping families to make those memories stronger. We at the shop are huge fans of picture books to young reader books. These help ease kids into longer, wordier stories. Young readers books today touch on wide ranges of topics and cultures. They are more representative of our world. Stop into our shop for personalized recommendations of our favourite young readers books.

Serena Patel speaks about her young readers series Anisha, Accidental Detecitve! Mystery/crime is such a popular genre across all ages, and we wanted to explore. We were very interested to hear Serena’s view on young readers books with a mystery twist! Anisha, Accidental Detective is a funny, clever detective series for 7-8 year olds. It has delightful characters while giving insight into Hindi culture.

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Learn more about Serena and her books at her author website!