Welcome to a brand new season of the Mr B’s Podcast – the place where our disembodied voices explore books, ideas and, quite often, very random side-tracks.

Thinking about what will come out of the pandemic, and where we will be in a possible afterward, we started talking about the idea of legacy – what will be passed on and left behind from this era: enter The Legacy Season.

Throughout the next few months, with a new episode every two weeks (roughly), we’ll be hearing from authors, editors and translators about the role that legacy plays in their work. We’ll be exploring the natural world as a legacy running through, and destroyed by, humanity, as well as the legacy of specific conflicts and events in fiction. To kick it all off, join Nic, Sam and Jess as they tackle another HUGE theme, in search of stories of any size.

Hosted by Jessica Gaitan Johannesson with music from The Bookshop Band

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