The Justice Season of the podcast continues through the autumn 2020, a fortnight and many books at a time. For episode four, we’re delighted to share a conversation with Zimbabwean writer Petina Gappah about her latest novel ‘Out of Darkness, Shining Light’. It’s a story twenty years in the making which follows the last journey of David Livingstone in 1873, as he was carried by his African companions toward the coast, so that he could be buried in England.

Petina Gappah is the author of two short story collections, starting with ‘Elegy for Easterley’ which won the the Guardian First Book Award, and the novel ‘The Book of Memory’, which has been a firm favourite on the Mr B’s shelves since its publication in in 2015. She’s also an international-trade lawyer. Join Petina and Jess as they talk about choosing two characters out of almost a hundred, justice versus equity, and the teaching of colonial history in UK schools.

Hosted by Jessica Gaitan Johannesson. Music by the Bookshop Band.

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