In the third episode of our Justice Season, we talk to writer, poet, editor and all-round fantastic word- person John Freeman. Editor of the biannual Freemans, and former editor of Granta magazine, John is the author of books of nonfiction such as ‘Dictionary of the Undoing‘, as well as two collections of poems: ‘Maps’ and ‘The Park’. Since 2014 he’s edited three anthologies of writing about inequality: ‘Tales of Two Cities’, focusing on New York, ‘Tales of Two Americas’, and this year, ‘Tales of Two Planets’. The latter brings a plethora of climate-crisis realities, in essays, fiction and poems, to the reader, carried through by voices which are intimate, visionary, varied and essential.

In this episode, Jess talks to John about what the much used term climate justice means, the challenges of addressing the climate crisis in fiction, and what kind of writing moves us to take action.

Hosted by Jessica Gaitan Johannesson

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