Welcome back to the Mr B’s podcast!

After a long break, we’re re-launching our mix of bookseller-chats and author interviews, but this time with a particular focus. Enter: the Justice Season.

Throughout 2020 so far, it’s been brought home to many of us how crises such as the pandemic lay bare the deep injustices around us, and how interlaced these issues are, yet a word like ‘justice’ risks being watered down if we don’t specify what we mean.

In the launch episode, Sam, Callum, Tom M and Jess talk about books they’ve come across recently which explore ideas of justice, on a small or large scale. They’re a varied bunch to say the least – from the murders of women in Argentina to Cambridge Analytica and the extraction, culture and capitalism surrounding one rare type of mushroom.

We’ve loved working on this new series of the podcast and hope you enjoy it. Make sure not to miss coming episodes of the Justice Season throughout the autumn by subscribing to the Mr B’s Podcast wherever you get your podcasts from.

Hosted by Jessica Gaitán Johannesson

Music by The Bookshop Band

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