The Mr B’s Podcast (we’re so sorry!) has been on a winter break, but we had a good excuse: we were hard at work with our shop expansion. Suitably, we also thought that the first episode of 2019 should focus on things which are kind of the same but not quite. Not that our new space is a replica of the old one…but you get the picture.

Join us as we chat to authors Simon Garfield and Edward Carey, who both visited the shop at the end of last year. Simon Garfield’s curious, insightful and entertaining book ‘In Miniature’ explores our ancient fascination with small versions of everyday things and the craftsmanship involved in making them. Edward Carey, a novelist very close to our hearts, has just published his first novel for adults – a superbly atmospheric fictional biography of the queen of replicas herself: Madame Tussaud.

Hosted by Jessica Johannesson with music by The Bookshop Band

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Image credit: ‘Replica’ by Michael Himbeault under Creative Commons license