Autumn is here and we’ve had a busy summer indeed. At the end of July, a few members of the Mr B’s team set off to sell books at WOMAD festival, where we built a tent, saw an array of fruit-shaped hats, and interviewed some fantastic authors, among them debut novelist Kim Sherwood. Her incredible first book “Testament”, winner of the Bath Novel Award, left us thinking about the foggy territory between private and public in times of upheaval, be it because of a missing child, the loss of work, or the horrors of war. Recorded this past summer, Kim Sherwood talks about her journey of research into legacies of the Holocaust in Hungary, and the beginnings of ‘Testament’. In the latter part of the podcast, Sam and Jess talk about some of their recent favourites.

Hosted by Jessica Johannesson. Music: ‘Old Man Winter’ by The Bookshop Band.

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Image credit: ‘World Turned Upside Down 2′ by Michael Gaylard