Borrowing the title from the fabulous Jeanette Winterson novel from 1992, Jess and Lottie present a choice of books which make the human body strange and unfamiliar. Tattooed bodies, fed and starved bodies, bodies seen-through and examined, you’ll find them all within these pages – in areas as varied as those of forensic science and a YA adventure. Our special guest this month is Jack Hartnell, art historian and author of a marvelous and fascinating exploration of medieval views of the human body. A beautiful artifact in itself, the book is a feast for the eyes, nourishment for the mind, and (should you lift it with one hand at a time) a good work-out for your arm muscles!

Hosted by Jessica Johannesson. Music: ‘For an Ending’ by The Bookshop Band.

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Image credit: ‘Rear view of the bones of the torso, spine and pelvis by Andrew Bell’ – University of Liverpool Faculty of Health and Life Sciences photostream,  under creative commons license