The sight of a magic tree, or thorns and thistles, on a book cover will immediately catch the attention of a few the Mr B’s team members. We kick off February’s podcast by chatting to the poet, writer and vlogger Jen Campbell about her most recent short story collection ‘The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night’, where surreal creatures and dark twists abound. Booksellers Emma Smith and Amy Coles also try to untangle the difference between fairy tales and folktales, recommending their favourite reads where old stories are given a modern touch.

A note of warning for this one – the sound quality in the first half of the podcast is not up to our usual standards, but we really wanted to share this episode with you and hope you’ll bare with us. It gets much better in the second half! Next month we’ll be back to our audio-technical glory of yore.

Hosted by Jessica Johannesson.  Music: ‘Sirens Island’ by The Bookshop Band.

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Image: ‘Books’ by Brenda Clarke, under Creative Commons license