A Line in the Sand by Kevin Powers

“I absolutely loved this taught thriller. It revolves around Arman, a former interpreter for the US military in Iraq, who has been allowed a visa to begin a new life in the States… only to find the things he was running away from in the Middle East have come to find him in America.

The writing is sharp and the plotting swift, at times breathless. But my chief enjoyment was the character writing of those attempting to help Arman, and the politically astute evil of the all-too-believable villains. A definite contender for my crime read of the year.” – Ed

Hunted by Abir Mukherjee

“Abir Mukherjee changes direction… and it’s an absolute banger!

Hunted opens with the US in the build-up to a divisive and controversial presidential election. When a bomb goes off in an L.A. shopping mall, all hell breaks loose.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Sajid Khan is arrested at work in London after it emerges his daughter might be involved in the bombing. When an American woman appears at his front door, claiming her son is also part of the terrorist cell, these two parents embark on an epic journey into the dark heart of US politics.

Thrilling, action-packed, and highly topical, this is a storming novel for fans of I Am Pilgrim, Lee Child and David Baldacci.” – Tom

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The Night in Question by Susan Fletcher

“Recently moved to a picturesque residential home for the elderly, Florrie is content to enjoy all life’s overlooked moments of joy. This day-to-day contentment is shattered by a death and a shocking incident with the manager Renata that follows. Their last conversation about love and life raises Florrie’s suspicion that there are secrets to uncover at Babbington Hall. 

Whilst investigating, Florrie keeps her promise to revisit her past. The book journeys back through Florrie’s adventurous life and introduces you to the people she has loved, both fleetingly and deeply. Florrie Butterfield is a character I shall cherish forever.” – Katrina

The Bishop and the Butterfly by Michael Wolraich

“Enter the sleezy underbelly of mobsters, corrupt police and unscrupulous politicians in post-jazz era New York.

Judge Seabury (The Bishop), is charged with weeding out the bad apples amongst those in charge. Beautiful high-society escort Vivian Gordon (The Butterfly), is due to give damning evidence at the hearing – but before her testimony, she is found strangled in a park. Robbery or something more sinister? 

So unfolds a brilliant telling of an extraordinary chain of events that brought down the rotten core of New York, reeling after the excesses of its 1920s.” – Juliette