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Smoke Kings by Jahmal Mayfield

Mayfield’s debut is a deeply complex morality tale of racism, revenge and murder. When Joshua’s brother is killed in what can only be called a modern-day lynching, he wants justice – not just for Darius but for all those murdered before him. Alongside his cousin Nate, and friends Isaac and Rachel, he begins kidnapping the descendants of those who perpetrated the heinous crimes of the past, and forces them to pay reparations. But not every one of this group of four is happy to stop at justice… one of them wants revenge. A brilliant noir novel with a messy moral centre that will delight fans of S. A. Cosby and Steph Cha.

Good Reasons to Die by Morgan Audic

A group of tourists arrive in Pripyat, the abandoned city in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, to find a mutilated body hanging from one of the tower blocks. Local detective Melnyk quickly realises this death has connections to that fateful night decades ago, when the reactor exploded. But he isn’t the only one looking into the case – the victim’s father, a Moscow-based oligarch, has sent his own man to this bleak place intent on dishing out his own form of justice. A spectacular sense of place combines with a grisly murder mystery to make this the standout police procedural of 2024 so far!

All The Sinners Bleed by S. A. Cosby

The standout thriller of last year is now available in paperback! Titus, an ex-FBI agent, is now back in his home town to look after his ageing father. He’s also now the first Black sheriff they’ve ever had in this divided corner of Virginia. When he responds to reports of a shooting at the local school, he can never imagine the terrifying odyssey he’s about to embark on: a journey that will take him deep into the history of violence that has laid dormant under this small town for decades. Nobody does it better than Cosby!

Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor

Sunny is a young playboy who parties hard and dreams of transforming Delhi’s river area into a modern cosmopolitan utopia, while he also invests in art and other passion projects. But the money he uses is tainted with blood: the blood of the poor, the blood of bulldozed communities. And now he’s taken Ajay, a young boy sold into slavery as a kid, under his wing. Their fates can only be destined to explode into violence and death. An epic criminal drama of corruption, greed and family.

Nobody’s Angel by Jack Clark

Eddie Miles is an old school cab driver from the Windy City – a man filled with cynicism who ghosts through the nightshift just trying to make it through another day. Then the talk in the coffee shops turns to twisted killers targeting cabbies and street girls, and Eddie finds himself in mortal danger. This stunning noir thriller was written by Jack Clark, a real life cabbie, who self -published it and used to give it out to passengers in his taxi. Now published by the superior Hard Case Crime, it is one you don’t want to miss!

Abandon by Blake Crouch

Better known as a science fiction writer, Blake Crouch is on sparkling form in this split-timeline adventure thriller. In 1893, the whole population of a town in the Colorado foothills disappears overnight. More than a century later, a group including paranormal podcasters, law enforcement, journalists, and ex-soldiers, embarks on a perilous trek back to the town looking for answers to the mystery… not all of them will return home in one piece. Page-shredding pace and unbearable suspense!

Click here to buy the whole list and save 15%