Spring is finally here and Easter weekend is upon us, what better combination is there than Easter chocolate and a good book to read on a long weekend!? Why not treat yourself, or someone else, to a Mr B’s Reading Subscription and indulge in some cracking new reads?

We are excited to offer a 10% discount on our Reading Subscription, from now up until the end of Easter Monday! You will get a beautifully wrapped book, hand-picked by our expert booksellers, and delivered each month.

To give just a taste of the brilliant books you could find yourself receiving, check out six of the newest releases our team have been loving and sending our subscribers’ way and what they have to say about them:

The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi by Shannon Chakraborty

This swashbuckling fantasy has become a firm favourite with many of the Mr B’s team. Famed ex-pirate Amina is blackmailed into one last adventure on the high seas, despite her misgivings she jumps at the quest and uses it to try and seize a final chance at glory.

“I was completely absorbed and delighted by this book. Someone should turn it into a film as the images were so vivid and the plot intriguing.”

“As above – I absolutely loved it! Total escapism, and great fun with it. It’s now in the family inter library loan system with a bit of a waiting list!”

All the Little Bird Hearts by Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow

An extraordinary and gripping novel full of love and longing. Sunday Forrester is neuro-diverse and has raised her headstrong daughter, Dolly, alone. But all is not what it seems when Dolly befriends the glamorous couple next door.

“Loving this book! I am half way through and I am really enjoying life through Sunday’s eyes. I look forward to seeing how the relationships develop and change as the story goes on. Thank you.”

“What a different book, that gives a different insight into being neuro divergent. It was also very unsettling without anything obvious being said or done which I thought was very clever. Thank you for choosing it!

Dust Child by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai

A powerful and moving family saga set during both the war and modern day Vietnam. Told from three interconnected perspectives, Dust Child highlights the aftermath of war but also the overriding power of forgiveness.

“Thank you so much for this wonderful book, so beautifully written and about issues which I must admit I hadn’t really thought about, so I was very glad to read it. It was immediately engaging, compassionate and at times so very sad, but so well resolved. Everything a good book should be – I know I will return to it.”

“A real page-turner. It demonstrated the many ways that war can create great harm. Well written with characters that drew me into their moving stories.”

The Wager by David Grann

A brilliantly well-researched book recounting the journey of The Wager, a British warship, shipwrecked in 1741. Grann pieces together the messy and often contradicting accounts of the crew to give an up-to-date and fresh account of one of Britain’s most enticing seafaring legends.

“You folks are psychic. This was on my “must-read” list already! Loved it.”

“The author relates a true tale of maritime hardship, shipwreck, mutiny and murder with great clarity, excitement and, presumably after much research, accuracy. The book is highly entertaining and informative.”

Divide by Anna Jones

Divide uncovers an overlooked cultural division in modern society – the rift between urban and rural communities. A balanced and comprehensive look at ways we can try to solve the chronic problems in our food system and environment.  

“Great book. Absolutely on target – I don’t know how you do it ! The great thing is you pick books that are new to me – even though I am pretty well versed in my field. Well done, and thank you !”

“I’m enjoying this book. I’ve read 2 James Rebanks and this book gives a further perspective of town and country relationships that complements what I have already read. Well written and informative. Thank you”

Catfish Rolling by Clara Kumagai

A mythical rolling catfish causes a devastating earthquake in Japan, which fractures not only the earth, but time itself. Sora loses her mother in the chaos, and along with her father, a scholar of time, Sora embarks on a treacherous journey into the fractures to find what was lost. A heartfelt and imaginative book about folklore and family, and a natural disaster that shook a nation. 

“Loved it loved it loved it!”

“To properly read Catfish Rolling, don’t try and figure out what you’re reading. This is a book that will bend your mind in the best way. Told through grief, love, and gorgeous writing, Catfish Rolling is not what you expect it to be – it’s better.”