As we welcome in the spring and prepare to push our clocks forward, let’s look back at the dark underworld of books we have posted to our budding sleuths in the Crime Syndicate this year. The feedback on these selections has been brilliant, and it’s been a joy to see our crime-loving community speak so highly of these first deliveries of 2024. Without further ado, here are the culprits!

Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor

In January we kicked the year off with Age of Vice by Deepti Kapoor – an epic crime thriller all about the darker side of family ties, greed and the consequences of corruption amidst the hustle and bustle of Dehli. Perfect for fans of The Godfather, Don Winslow or just epic crime fiction!

“I’m loving it. It’s really gripping and I’m finding it hard to put down. It’s not an author I’ve heard of or one that I would have picked myself, which is great, I love trying something different. Thank you for selecting this book. Five stars 🌟 Look forward to next months selection.”

“If I read a better book this year I will be amazed! Absolutely stunning! The characters were fascinating and the interwoven tales told brilliantly. Absolutely loved it thank you!”

“Fantastically well written and very evocative of India. It’s some time since I didn’t want to actually put down the book I was reading. This one has me hooked.”

All the Sinners Bleed by S. A. Crosby

February saw us deliver All The Sinners Bleed by S. A. Cosby – an unbearably suspenseful story of a serial killer that rings with all the terror of The Silence of the Lambs.  We’ve been huge admirers of Cosby at Mr B’s, and couldn’t be more excited to share this with our members.

“A gripping book! A fast-paced page turner. The setting and characters reminded me of James Lee Burke, a writer whose writing I enjoy. The outside settings were lyrically described; much of the action was brutal, but the determination of the lead character, Titus, shone through. Thoroughly recommended. Oh, how I love my Crime Syndicate subscription!”

“What a humdinger of a page turner if ever there was one! I couldn’t put it down. Started it on a Tuesday afternoon and finished it by the Wednesday lunch time – a brilliant read.”

“Loved this choice. Considering I read a lot this author had completely eluded me, so thank you for the introduction.”

Other Women by Emma Flint

Our most recent choice for March is Other Women by Emma Flint – a dark and suspenseful mystery based loosely on a real murder case from the 1920s where the prime suspect finds himself on trial for a gruesome murder he swears he didn’t commit. It’s a helluva page-turner, filled to the brim with suspense.

“Devoured it and have now been recommending it to everyone. Was totally gripping and loved reading the story from the point of view of the others involved. Setting the bar for my book of the year.”

“Loved the historical fiction – fabulous!”

“Loved this book. Couldn’t put it down and actually contacted the author on Twitter to tell her how much I’d enjoyed it. She seemed very pleased! Thanks for choosing it.””I found this book hard to stop reading and had to slow myself down so I didn’t rush it. I wanted to find out what had really happened so it was a struggle not to race ahead. The book has stayed with me as it conjured up a very vivid image of the time and the characters. I was invested in their story and the outcome. Thank you for introducing me to a writer that I didn’t know.”

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