For the first time we are being treated to an official biography of Sir Terry Pratchett.

In the later years of his life Terry had been in the process of writing his memoirs, a task that became all the more urgent following his diagnosis, or the ‘Embuggerance’ (his words) of Alzheimer’s disease. Sadly it was a piece of work he would never get around to finishing.

Drawing on notes, family accounts, and his own personal experiences with Sir Terry, Rob Wilkins, his former assistant and head of the Pratchett estate, and most notably, his friend, has written Sir Terry’s biography.

This book tells the life of “the most shoplifted author in history”* from his school years, through his astonishing writing career, and how he persevered through his terminal illness. Chock full of humour, anecdotes and heartfelt memories, this biography is essential reading for anyone still feeling the loss of Sir Terry.

So pre-order here, and if you can’t wait until September have a look at the gorgeous Discworld Collection.