Schools closed in Uganda in March 2020. Lockdown has wrecked an already very fragile local economy. Although schools are now back — some girls have had no education for 2 years. Throughout the pandemic FSMU supported the three schools and community:

  • Regular rations of food and soap were distributed to many of the most desperate families in the community.
  • Vulnerable girls were placed with trusted families who meet our child safeguarding standards.
  • Interest free microloans were available for all staff.
  • Funding of requirements to enable schools to re – open safely – handwashing stations, soap, infrared thermometers, cleaning materials, masks etc.
  • Funding all other girls for their first term back including all requirements including sanitary pads.

Over the past few years African publishing has been growing — starting with educational text books and now story books for independent reading. This is wonderful news and will allow us, as funds start to come in, to replace all books that have been donated and shipped out from the UK in the past to be replaced with culturally appropriate books written and printed in Africa. This is really important as the girls love reading when they can relate the story to their own lives.

Girls will also be able to read exciting stories in Lusoga and Luganda. Sadly literacy rates in Uganda are still low and most schools do not have the money to buy storybooks — so the St Michael’s library is a real beacon of light, and we will do all we can to support the endeavours of the school so that all girls leave St. Michael’s with a passion for reading.