After so many questions about one of our favorite kids’ graphic novels, we thought it deserved an announcement that the Mega Robo Bros graphic novels are back! For anyone who has loved Neill Cameron’s adventures already, fans of Phoenix Comics in general, or if you’re looking for a new graphic novel series for your kids anywhere from 7 upwards, then you can now pick up these re-jacketed beauties.

Originally called Mega Robo Bros 1 and Mega Robo Bros 2: Mega Robo Rumble, these graphic novels have been re-jacketed in to Mega Robo Bros: Power Up and Mega Robo Bros: Double Threat respectively. With loads of new material in both, head on over to our website to order them or pop in to the shop where we have them all on display!

We are awaiting the third installment to be re-jacketed with baited breath, so watch this space for more.