“Gloria Naylor was a shining light in American literature. Naylor’s artistry is breathtaking, as is her gift for capturing raw human emotion.”  
– Tayari Jones

From behind the battered doors of an apartment block, come the stories of seven courageous black women. Each has suffered knocks and setbacks, each has lived a life defined by social injustice, each has finally found herself here – in Brewster Place.

From stoic Mattie, to sassy Etta, from righteous Kiswana to baby-mad Cora Lee, the women of Brewster Place are united in their resilience, their humanity and their collective ambition for brighter futures.

Poignant and gritty, The Women of Brewster Place is a remarkably powerful portrait of strength and hope, set against the backdrop of underprivileged urban America. 
With its cast of beautifully-drawn characters,  their bittersweet stories, and the ever-relevant themes of social and racial inequality, we believe that The Women of Brewster Place deserves a place on the bookshelves and in the hearts of contemporary book-lovers.

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