Last year we introduced our Charity of the Moment – a project in which we support a chosen local charity through events, in-shop donations and a few more experimental schemes. It’s been a pleasure to be able to contribute to the work of Bath Welcomes Refugees, an organisation which – through the sheer commitment, kindness and understanding of its volunteers – makes a crucial difference for the lives of families arriving as refugees in the Bath area. The time has now come to shift our efforts to a different, but not unrelated, cause.

We’re delighted to announce our new charity of the moment: The Forest of Avon Trust.  Until the end of 2019 we’ll be championing the charity online and in the shop. Starting out in 2009, the Forest of Avon Trust passionately communicates the benefits of trees and woodland. Their projects – from running forest schools and looking after veteran trees to helping landowners plant new woods – aim to make sure that the benefits of trees are available to everyone. 

As an increasing number of us wake up to the linked climate and ecological emergencies, we’re also understanding the invaluable importance of not only protecting but also putting real efforts into restoring our ecosystems. In the near future, many of the people coming to the UK as refugees will have been forced to relocate because of the climate crisis. As well as guarding human rights and an open society, we also need to reconnect with our local wildlife– and support those with the skills to help it flourish. The need for rewilding and forest protection is increasingly brought up as a key element in fighting climate collapse, and so the care for our woods becomes a perfect example of where local efforts are connected to global issues. 

In the months to come we’ll be putting on some really exciting events to champion the trust. All the proceeds from our Imaginarium residencies will also be sent their way. If you come up to one of our tills today, you’ll already be able to find a collection pot and plenty of information about this wonderful charity.