Publication Date: 07/09/2023 ISBN: 9781529517286 Category:

The Stars Did Wander Darkling

Colin Meloy

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Publication Date: 07/09/2023 ISBN: 9781529517286 Category:
Paperback / Softback


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A suspenseful and atmospheric horror perfect for younger fans of Stranger Things and Neil Gaiman, from New York Times bestselling author and the Decemberists’ lead singer/songwriter Colin Meloy.

Maybe Archie Coomes has been watching too many horror movies.

All of a sudden, the most ordinary things have taken on a sinister edge: a penny on a doormat. A man in a brown suit under a streetlamp. The persistent sound of an axe chopping in the middle of the night.

He keeps telling himself that this is Seaham, a sleepy seaside town where nothing ever happens. Or at least nothing did, until his dad’s construction company opened up the cliff beneath the old – some say cursed – Langdon place.

Soon, though, he and his friends can’t deny it: more and more of the adults in town are acting strangely. An ancient, long-buried evil has been unleashed upon the community, and it’s up to the kids to stop it before it’s too late . . .

Publisher Review

Meloy expertly teases out the suspense to foster an atmosphere of otherworldly mystery, while concretely establishing the story's sense of time and place. Delectable details stud the narrative. . . Meloy delivers a solid middle-grade horror story with authentic chills and splashes of gore. The friendship between the four main characters drives it all, much like in Stranger Things and Stand by Me, ensuring readers' hearts are engaged as much as their adrenaline. * Booklist - Starred Review * Aesthetically eerie. . . Evoking 1980s adventures such as The Goonies. . . a nostalgic summertime adventure involving cinematic chase sequences, uncanny occurrences, and psychological unease. * Publishers Weekly *

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