Publication Date: 26/05/2022 ISBN: 9781526623782 Category:

The Cut that Wouldn’t Heal

William Leith

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication Date: 26/05/2022 ISBN: 9781526623782 Category:




Ten seconds before my father’s death, I have a premonition – that the breath he is taking will be his last.

It was only a graze caused by a dishwasher door, but the cut would not heal and infection took hold. Fifty days later, William Leith is standing by his father’s bedside, watching him disappear.

William is no stranger to his father disappearing; his childhood was marked by his father’s absences, and as a consequence their relationship has always been a troubled one. Now, as his father is about to leave him for the last time, William reflects on the twists and turns of their shared history.

Compelling, incisive, and told with searing honesty, The Cut that Wouldn’t Heal is about family and grief, and the pain of abandonment. It is about the way we let our loved ones down and the things we cannot say. It is about the act of disappearing – but also about how we might be able to reach out and find each other again.

Eloquent and moving, The Cut that Wouldn’t Heal is a heartbreaking account of one man’s quest to find his father.

Publisher Review

PRAISE FOR THE CUT THAT WOULDN'T HEAL: A concise and intensely readable study of love and regret. * Ian Jack * William Leith is a very fine writer, defined by a compulsive honesty: not the heavily-curated oversharing of social media culture, but the real, uncomfortable thing. This book, which deals in the sometimes absurdist agonies of grief - and indeed of life - is his best yet. * Laura Thompson * As mysterious and unsettling as a Cold War thriller - the search for self amidst the puzzle of a brilliant absentee father. -- Ed Needham * Strong Words Magazine * PRAISE FOR THE TRICK: The Trick takes all of Leith's writing habits - his mazy streams of consciousness (few writers are quite so enamoured of, or good at, watching themselves think) and his love of axiom - and, if anything, ups the ante... Hugely enjoyable. * Observer * PRAISE FOR THE HUNGRY YEARS: Compulsively readable. I gulped it down in a couple of greedy bites ... It is a powerful memoir ... it has the unusual qualities of heart and daring. In the end, these are what stay inside you. * Daily Telegraph *

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